Chef of Chef Works: BOBBY SINGER

Chef of Chef Works: Bobby Singer JANUARY 2023

Chef: Bobby Singer.
Restaurant/Kitchen: Duck & Waffle in Pastry.
Location: In the city of London, UK.
Social Media: @singer.bobby – Instagram

Kicking the year off in style, we are delighted to feature Head Pastry Chef from Duck and Waffle – Bobby Singer. The highest 24-hour restaurant in London, Chef Bobby and his incredible team serve delights all night long with their mouth-watering menu of bold, stand-out plates for guests to enjoy in this unique culinary experience. Get to know our Chef of Chef Works here…

1. Your restaurant/role:
Head of Pastry at the D&W where I have held this role since May 2021.

2. Describe your kitchen:
We have an open kitchen where the guests can experience the theatre of a busy service kitchen. We strive to bring a fun twist on the food with some influences from around the world. Operational 24 hours a day, giving a range of different dishes to suit all cravings no matter the time of day. Full 360 uninterrupted views over the London landscape. No matter what time you choose to dine at Duck and Waffle you will have an experience to remember.

The cool signage at the Duck and Waffle.

3. Favourite Chef Works item and why?
The Rochester Chef Coat – lightweight and comfortable. Formal yet practical and great to wear when meeting guests.

4. What was your first job?
My first job when leaving college was Soho House on Greek Street in London. There I learnt how to properly run a pastry section with a small team and an even smaller prep kitchen. I stayed there for 3 years then I made the decision to move and join the Sheraton Park Tower Hotel in Knightsbridge, London.

5. Favourite cookbook and why? (we love recommendations)!
No specific book comes to mind as I have a vast collection. For me a great cookbook gives more than just recipes, it’s all about inspiration for me to be able to create new dishes. Currently I’m taking inspiration from fellow Pastry Chef Damien Wager.

6. Your awards/career highlights to date?
Catering for several Olympic Games around the world including Brazil and South Korea. Being Head Pastry Chef in London’s tallest restaurant has also got to be a massive highlight in my career so far.

The delicious Lemon Meringue Waffle dessert.

7. Your cooking inspiration and why?
I enjoy following the work of other Pastry Chefs from around the world. Currently I’m watching a lot of work from both Antonio Bachour and Amaury Guichon. Both these chefs have completely different styles of dessert products, but equally have a fantastic eye for detail in both look and taste.

8. Your speciality dish and what makes it so special (we love tasting notes)?
I don’t have a speciality dish, however I do have a favourite ingredient and that’s chocolate. Currently I’m only using premium French chocolate, Valrhona, in my dishes. The ones I use at the moment are Manjari and Gianduja, both I use in our Chocolate Bar dessert .

9. Favourite go-to dish to eat and why?
Not a dish, but I love strawberries. When the season is booming, there isn’t anything quite like it. The sweet bursts of flavour cannot compare to anything else at that time of year!

The Valrhona Hazelnut & Chocolate Bar dessert. 

10. Weirdest thing you ever ate?
Goose intestine on a trip to China with my Uncle. To make sure I didn’t have any preconceptions of the meal, I made a point of not wanting to know what I was eating until after the meal. It had a very similar texture of crispy beef and I would have it again in a heartbeat.

11. Favourite ice cream flavour and what do you pair it with?
Salted caramel. I currently have this on my menu with our Hazelnut and Chocolate bar.

12. Favourite family recipe?
A roast chicken dinner. Nothing beats coming home on a Friday evening after a long hard week and sitting down with a full roast with potatoes, veg and gravy. My Son is also a massive fan of roast chicken.

13. Favourite wine – if you could only pick one which would it be?
I don’t drink wine very often but when I do, I am a fan of an Argentinian Malbec.

Chef Bobby at the busy pass.

14. Who would you most like to cook for and what would you cook for them?
Matt Lucas. Being a massive fan of his acting over the years and now with him being a host on The Great British Bake Off, I would love for him to taste one of my creations.

15. And who would you least like to cook for?
My Mother. She’s a very fussy eater. Although she is a fantastic cook, she’s very particular about what she likes and dislikes.

16. Favourite things to do when not cooking:
There are two things I enjoy when I’m not working or cooking. Spending time with my Son is the first. He’s almost 2 and is becoming a little cheeky monkey. The second thing that I enjoy doing when I’m not working is doing DIY. This year I have built a large deck in the garden which I am honestly impressed with. Bring on the summer and BBQ season!

17. Your latest project:
Currently we are in the process of opening another restaurant in Edinburgh. This new concept of dining will become a new sensation and I’m proud to be part of this project.

18. Favourite city, what makes it so special to you?
London. As I’ve lived there my whole life I’m extremely biased. No matter what mood you’re in, there is always something different to offer in such a diverse city.

19. Your greatest indulgence?
Anything with chocolate. Even after all these years of making desserts and everything sweet, I still love to sit on the sofa and watch a series whilst snacking on a variety of chocolate.

20. And finally, your all-time best culinary tip:
Always use the best ingredients you can that your budget allows. Mentor junior Chefs the best you can and try to inspire them to come and join us in this fantastic industry!

Photography: Jason Russell Photography.


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