Chef of Chef Works: ADAM RASBURN

Chef of Chef Works: Adam Rasburn NOVEMBER 2022

Chef: Adam Rasburn.
Restaurant/Kitchen: CORA & Home.
Location: CORA in Boston Spa and Home is in the city centre of Leeds, UK.
Social Media: @cora_bostonspa / @home_leeds

This month our Chef of Chef Works feature is keeping us close to home, here in the beautiful Boston Spa. A proud Chef Works wearer, Head Chef Adam Rasburn sits down with us to talk all things CORA, cooking and culinary inspo! Get to know Chef Adam a little more and pop in if you can.…

1. Your restaurant/role:
Head Chef of CORA in Boston Spa and Home Restaurant in Leeds city centre.

2. Describe your kitchen:
CORA is split across two levels, upstairs you will find our food service area and bar. It’s a lovely space that allows lots of guest interaction in a relaxed and casual atmosphere with a counter space too. Then downstairs is home to our full kitchen.

The calm beautiful interior at CORA in Boston Spa.

3. Favourite Chef Works item and why?
My black Bowden Chef Coat which I’m currently wearing. I love to wear black with a contrasting bib apron, we all wear the Austin apron by Chef Works as it looks great and goes with everything.

4. What was your first job?
I started as a Commis Chef in a pub in Norwood Green, Halifax in the UK.

5. Favourite cookbook and why? (we love recommendations)!
The original French Laundry cookbook. So much precision in the food with a playful touch – really inspirational.

6. Your awards/career highlights to date?
There are a few career highlights I’ll never forget, from reaching both Semi Finals at The Roux Scholarship and The National Chef of the Year. Then last, but not least, moving Home restaurant and successfully opening CORA, here in Boston Spa.

Delicious delicate treats created by the talented team at CORA.

7. Your cooking inspiration and why?
Every time I eat somewhere new and exciting, I see a new ingredient or cooking method. I also love and get a lot of pleasure from live cooking. Getting to see the reaction on people’s faces when they have an amazing plate or bite of food is priceless.

8. Your speciality dish and what makes it so special (we love tasting notes)?
Probably our new range of cured foods. We have been experimenting with curing not only meat and fish but also vegetables. Our duck cured in lavender is one I am very proud of.

9. Favourite go-to dish to eat and why?
Anything with eggs, I love boiled eggs and soldiers – I’m a simple man!

The tasty new range of cured foods at CORA. 

10. Weirdest thing you ever ate?
The live prawns at NOMA, the little sucker jumped out of my hand. One of the best meals I’ve ever had.

11. Favourite ice cream flavour and what do you pair it with?
Pistachio – chocolate sauce or caramel sauce and always good with an espresso to drink. I’m also a huge fan of a classic 99 with strawberry sauce and sprinkles. I wouldn’t say no to a McFlurry either!

12. Favourite family recipe?
I used to bake cakes with my Grandma and my Mum. My Grandad did an amazing Clove Studded Honey Glazed Ham and nobody to this day can get as much butter onto toast as my Dad!

13. Favourite wine – if you could only pick one which would it be?
I love a Pinot Noir especially the Au Bon Climat Pinot Noir, we had the 2015 during an excellent meal at The Clove Club in London. I’ve also been lucky enough to work at Krug events and I adore Krug Champagne!

The freshest of Oysters with some delicious fizz.

14. Who would you most like to cook for and what would you cook for them?
I love cooking for my family and friends, it’s the way I show my love and appreciation to the ones I care for the most. It’s my way of expressing myself and sharing gratitude for those closest to me in my life.

15. And who would you least like to cook for?
Ungrateful people.

16. Favourite things to do when not cooking:
Eating – especially at fun and unique restaurants with great company and often too much to drink. Renovating my home at the moment is keeping me very busy and something I’m really enjoying.

17. Your latest project at CORA and beyond?
Professionally, still getting CORA consistent and stable as it’s only one year old. Then managing the restaurant group alongside Liz is such an exciting and challenging opportunity – I learn something new every day. Then personally, a full kitchen remodel at home. There’s never a dull moment that’s for sure.

18. Favourite city, what makes it so special to you?
Madrid has some of the best food in Spain and Street XO is one of my favourite, most fun restaurants! The architecture is inspiring and the people are amazing. Everything about Spain is incredible, from the tapas style to their love for beautiful wines – what’s not to love?! Then closer to home, I love Leeds, with amazing bars and restaurants, it’s the best place to be in England.

Chef Adam enjoying life at CORA in Boston Spa.

19. Your greatest indulgence?
I’m a sucker for a really well-made Neapolitan pizza.

20. And finally, your all-time best culinary tip:
Use more salt and butter than you think and use vinegar for some brightness. Keep tasting while you cook, season and taste until it’s impossible to eat!

Photography: Steve Bootle.

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