Chef of the Month: Alex Raij — USA



Chef of the Month: Alex Raij

A love letter to the Basque region in Spain, Txikito is nestled in the heart of New York City, where owner and chef Alex Raij crafts delicate tapas from traditional Iberian flavors. Focusing on humble ingredients served in experiential ways, Chef Raij transports diners to her husband’s family’s dining room in the Basque region of Spain. We wanted to know more about this celebrated chef, how she incorporates Basque culture into her restaurant, and what she’s cooking with on her day off.

Without further ado, meet Chef Alex Raij, our Chef of the Month for December!

1. Describe Txikito, in one word.


2. How are you incorporating the Basque country into your cooking? And how are diners responding?

Authentically & honestly.

3. What’s your favorite ingredient of the moment to cook with, and why? Any predictions for 2018 food trends?

Squid! And I predict that come 2018, we’ll see cooks serving food at the table, interacting with guests in a new way, which helps to further layer the story of the dish and add a new interactive element to the experience.

4. Describe a perfect day eating out in your favorite neighborhood in NYC.

live on the border of Chinatown and love eating cold crab.

5. Favorite piece of advice to aspiring chefs?

Eat as much as you can. Pictures are not flavors.

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  1. Great story on chefs, love what you guys are doing, with interviews and that’s so cool to have a chef of the month, specialy on chef that are doing well but aren’t just on tv or celebrity chefs. I’m a chef in Montclair nj and we just happened to wear your clothing.

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