Meet the Team: Enrique Perez

Our Meet the Team at Chef Works series gives that ‘behind-the-scenes’ insight to the inner-workings and roles of our fantastic and hard-working team at our international company. Sixth to appear in our series is Enrique Perez, Director of our Global Supply Chain, based out of our San Diego office in the United States, he travels extensively offering solutions and support which greatly improve our customer offering as well as our daily procedures. Say hello to Enrique…

How long have you worked at Chef Works?
3+ years.

Describe your job in one sentence:
Get in, buckle-up and enjoy the ride!

Best thing about working in the hospitality industry:
Seeing your product being showcased in the finest restaurants around the world.

And the worst thing:
I have worked in many different industries in my career and I cannot think of anything that is the worst about working in this industry.

Describe a day in your life at Chef Works International:
4:00am: Wake up. 8:00pm: Start driving home. 9:30pm: 2nd Job starts of Dad. 11:00pm: Follow-up on Asian Supplier emails. 12:30am: Head to bed.

Favourite item from the Chef Works collection:
The Springfield short sleeve Essential Chef Coat. Seven colours with matching Beanies and toning aprons…

Favourite restaurant, café, bar:
Too hard to choose! As my wife and I are foodies who will always try anything at least once.

Lifelong ambition:
To be a successful person by positively impacting people’s lives in every facet possible.

Weirdest job you ever had?
Counting Bighorn sheep at a safari park every day for 3 months.

Best ever restaurant experience?
A little Italian restaurant in Palm Springs, USA. The ambience, service and food was one of the best that I have experienced anywhere in the world.

What makes you get up in the morning?
Passion in developing people to improve operations across the board.

Your best achievement at Chef Works?
The implementation of valuable processes and procedures in every corner of the world, helping reduce cost, cycle time and increasing service to our customers.

And finally, what would you choose as your death row meal?
Delicious Chinese dishes that I cannot translate into English!

Photography: Aaron Brown & c/o Enrique Perez.

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