Meet the Team: Emma Cohen

Meet the Team at Chef Works series gives that behind-the-scenes insight to the inner-workings and roles of our fantastic and hard-working dedicated team at our international company. Fourth to appear in our series is Emma Cohen from our management team based out of our Leeds office, in the UK. Say hello, Emma…

How long have you worked at Chef Works?
9+ years

Describe your job in one sentence…
As Marketing Manager I am developing and protecting the Chef Works brand within and beyond our current international marketplace.

Best thing about working in the hospitality industry?
The infectious passion, creativity and work ethic of the people working within this amazing and diverse industry.

And the worst thing?
Wanting to eat everything a chef puts in front of me and then explaining my ‘food diary’ to my Personal Trainer!

Describe a day in your life at Chef Works International…
There’s rarely a day that’s the same, but if at home I start the day with either a dog walk or a PT session. Working with distributors internationally to ensure they have what they need to represent the Chef Works brand and our wonderful collection well. Working with Customer Service to manage our messaging. Working with our designers and agencies to ensure our messaging is ‘on-brand’. Designing and preparing booths for numerous trade shows. Working with Chefs, Baristas and Chocolatiers to profile their talent across our media platforms… the list is endless.

Favourite item from the Chef Works collection?
Do I have to pick just one?! Currently I really love the Galveston Wax Look Apron in Chocolate as it has great design details and is so well received. If I was going the classic route I’d say the Trieste Premium Chef Coat as it oozes refined simplicity.

Favourite restaurant, café, bar?
No way could I choose just one! Lamb bun at Din Tai Fung, Dubai. Potato Latkes with apple sauce on the terrace at The King David Hotel overlooking Jerusalem’s Old City; Gravlax at Russ & Daughters, NYC. And closer to home, I’d be pushed to choose between a P&J Donut at Temple Coffee, Leeds, and a Chocolate Tahini Bite at Gail’s Bakery in Hampstead, London if I were feeling slightly virtuous. It’s all about the simple things.

Lifelong ambition?
To take some time to travel around India, ending in Dharamshala for His Holiness Dalai Lama public lectures. But ultimately, just to keep a positive work life balance.

Weirdest job you ever had?
I used to wrap presents for income whilst a student… it’s all about the ribbon…

Best ever restaurant experience?
My most grown-up experience to-date was lunch at La Gavroche, London, for my oldest friend’s 30th birthday. The food was divine and the service impeccable as well as being a major test of my school French!

What makes you get up in the morning?
My Labrador.

Your best achievement at Chef Works?
There is still so much to do, but I would say seeing the growth of our brand in the Middle East. From humble beginnings working a small trade show stand with our founder, Alan Gross, to seeing our product in the most stunning properties across the region, alongside the warm welcome our brand receives wherever we travel. That’s the buzz of what we do.

And finally, what would you choose as your death row meal?
Ooh… I’d start with a fresh mint and lemon juice, salmon Sashimi and my Aunt’s Feta Bourekas (I could sell these!) followed by an Ottolenghi banquet of rainbow salads, delicious Moroccan Chicken with Persian rice. For dessert… a trio of Black Forrest Gateaux, Panettone & Butter pudding and Pistachio Crème Brulee. If that hasn’t killed me, I’d have praline petit four section and a delicious Flat White. At this point, who’s counting calories?!

Photography: David Lindsay

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