Meet the Team:

You know our uniforms, you recognise our global brand. But do you know the people behind the products at Chef Works International? We think it’s important to put some faces to names, so we’re here to tell you a little more about our small yet perfectly formed team, here at Chef Works International.

First up is Neil Boston, our Commercial Director. But what does that actually mean? Read on to find out…

1. How long have you worked at Chef Works:

20 months.

2. Describe your job in one sentence:

To further develop our brand presence across the world.

3. Best thing about working in the hospitality industry:

Meeting all the fantastic, passionate, extraordinarily hard-working people around the world who work in this really cool industry.

4. Worst thing about working in the hospitality industry:

Eating and drinking too much, too often.

5. Day in the life:

Usually on the road somewhere in the world meeting with chefs or F&B managers discussing how we can make their chefs more comfortable in the kitchen or their waiting and bar staff look cool in the bar/restaurant, whilst all the time adding value to their brand and their business.

6. Favourite item from the Chef Works collection:

Tough one, but probably the Springfield Essential Chef Coat.

7. Favourite restaurant, café, and bar:

Blue Bar in Porthtowan, Cornwall, UK. We stumbled across it about 6 years ago on holiday and loved it so much we bought a place next door! It’s where I can sit and watch the sun setting over the ocean and all my stresses just disappear.

8. Lifelong ambition:

This will sound like a ‘Miss World’ answer, but to see my kids grow up to be happy, healthy, successful, caring, kind people (and preferably rich to support my retirement).

9. Weirdest job you ever had:

Worked in a prison/jail for 4 months one summer doing a structural survey with a local civil engineering company. Met a lot of “interesting” people!

10. Best ever restaurant experience:

A venison dish served at the Corinthia Grand Hotel in Budapest. I’ve never tasted a dish like it and unbelievably it was served at a banquet with over 100 people, so ‘mass’ produced!

11. What makes you get up in the morning:

I go to the gym every morning before work. Luckily I’m a morning person so it’s not too painful.

12. Your best achievement at Chef Works:

Driving the rapid development our brand across Europe where we’ve been a sleeping giant for too long.

13. Death row meal:

Baked Camembert, moussaka and a large tub of Ben & Jerry’s Reese’s Peanut Butter ice cream.

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