Meet the Team: AMY PARKER

Meet the Team at Chef Works series continues with behind-the-scenes insight to the inner-workings and roles of our fantastic and hard-working dedicated team at our international company. Fifth to appear in this series is Amy Parker from our crazy busy Customer Service team. Based out of our Leeds office, in the UK, say hello Amy…

How long have you worked at Chef Works?
10 months in and still going strong!

Describe your job in one sentence…
Providing an excellent service to our many and varied customers around the world.

Best thing about working in the hospitality industry?
Getting to speak to customers and colleagues across the globe (improving my geography) and learning about different restaurants and delicious new foods.

And the worst thing?
Looking at all the amazing food photos from our Chefs on our social media channels and not been able to eat it!

Describe a day in your life at Chef Works International…
Eat, sleep, rave, repeat – CHEF WORKS!

Favourite item from the Chef Works collection?
The Jet Black Berkeley Aprons as this design has so many options and our customers love them. Have you seen it on Aktar Islam?

Favourite restaurant, café, bar?
You cannot beat a cheeky Nando’s! There’s so much to choose from, however my go to would be the Sunset Burger – two chicken thighs, melting cheddar cheese, smoky red pepper chutney and baby spinach in a soft, sweet roll. As their menu says it’s ‘Deliciously messy!’ a definite knife and fork job.

Lifelong ambition?
To retire to Australia, where my brother lives – I love the outdoor life.

Weirdest job you ever had?
Hand car wash. Seriously hard work.

Best ever restaurant experience?
Great food, great service and great company make any experience enjoyable.

What makes you get up in the morning?
My alarm!

Your best achievement at Chef Works?
Getting the job!

And finally, what would you choose as your death row meal?
Either my Mum’s amazing Lasagne or a traditional English Sunday roast.

Photography: David Lindsay

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