COVID-19: There is #HopeInHospitality

We are so very lucky in the UK to have one of the most exciting, diverse and successful hospitality industries in the world, serviced by the most passionate and talented of workforces.

It’s those people who, every day, have one goal in life and that’s to make our day just that little bit better. This passion to achieve happiness and fulfilment can be best seen during the most testing and challenging times, with the industry’s teams, crews and brigades coming together as one. Not just in the UK, but globally.

Chef Works is in awe of the people in hospitality who are rising in the face of adversity – stories of true kindness, heroicness, innovation and community are flooding our social media feeds, and making us so proud to be part of this industry. Today, we launch #HopeInHospitality – a hashtag which will aim to capture these types of stories during Covid-19 in one inspiring place. So, if you’re doing something positive during  these unprecedented times and feel like your experience could help others, please share them with us on social media using #hopeinhospitality and tagging us (@chefworksuk) and we will share them on a dedicated blog and across our social channels, because we applaud you.

They can fall into any of the following categories:

Determination and Togetherness
This industry is my passion and my life, so it has been heart-wrenching watching it come under huge pressure and difficulties over the past weeks. Hours of conversations with friends and colleagues on how our incredible industry will work through this, and with every conversation comes sadness, worry and shock. However, each conversation also ends with a positivity to work through this by helping others  to make the industry stronger and even more successful.

It’s this determination and togetherness that has been shown with moments of outstanding compassion and kindness.

Acts of Selflessness
From incredible charity groups such as Hospitality Action, who are helping workers and their families financially with their Emergency Appeal, whilst continuing to support those facing physical and mental health issues during this time.

In addition, we are seeing individual hospitality businesses donating and producing meals for the vulnerable in their local communities, whilst also supporting our incredible NHS who are working tirelessly to keep this incredible country safe and well.

Diversity and Creativity
During this time we see just how creative and dynamic our industry can be with businesses diversifying into food delivery services, homeless food kitchens and hotels across the country opening their doors to NHS workers, allowing them to be safe and closer to their place of work as well as the homeless who are most vulnerable.

We must also recognise that through the incredible support of governments across the world, with funding and support for both employees and business owners, our hospitality industry will stay together and be great again.

As individuals we have many challenges ahead, however as an industry we will prevail.

So, everybody stay safe, stay healthy and don’t forget, we will all work through this together as one family aiming for the bright light at the end of this tunnel. Remember, there is so much #hopeinhospitality.

By Sam O’Kane and Emma Cohen.

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