Chefs of Chef Works: November 2016 Chef Javier Plascencia



Chef Javier Plascencia

1. Where did you get your start?
As a young boy, helping out my parents when they opened their first restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico.

(Chef Works note: Javier’s family owns and operates the iconic restaurant, Caesar’s, thought to be Tijuana’s oldest restaurant and where Caesar Salad was invented.)

2. What is your favorite dish?
I like to cook lots of stuff but one thing I really love to cook is Risotto – all kinds
of Risotto.

3. What was your favorite dish as a child?
I remember I loved eating fettuccine alfredo.

4. Who inspired you to be a chef?
Mostly watching my parents cook at their restaurant. My aunt and grandmother, “Chela”, were also big inspirations.

5. What would you be doing if you weren’t a chef?
I would probably be involved in the music or film industry.

6. What advice can you give an aspiring chef?
Travel as much as you can and as often as possible to get to know different cuisines. However, you should always know your own region’s cuisine best.

7. If possible, what would you have done differently in your career?
I would have done more “stages” in different kitchens all over the world to learn all the different ways a kitchen can work.

For example, a European kitchen works differently than a kitchen in the U.S. or Mexico. I had to learn how to run a kitchen the hard way by trial and error and adapting everything to what the restaurant needs.

*You can catch Chef Javier Plascencia as one of the featured chefs at this month’s San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival.

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Bracero Cocina

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