Giving Back This 2020 Holiday Season

Support the hospitality industry this Christmas with our Instagram campaign

‘Tis the season of goodwill and this December Chef Works wants to give back to the hospitality industry. We are proud to support a number of charities throughout the year but Christmas is an opportunity to spotlight causes that we believe deserve more support.
Chef Works will donate £1,000 to a worthy cause in January 2020 as part of our Chef Works Cares campaign…but we need your help to decide who! We’ve chosen four charities close to our hospitality hearts:


1. Hospitality Action

Hospitality Action (HA) has been supporting the UK hospitality industry since 1837. Over the past 180 years, they’ve helped hundreds of thousands of hospitality people who’ve found themselves in difficulty or crisis.
They support chefs, waiters, housekeepers, managers, concierges, receptionists, kitchen porters, sommeliers, bartenders, catering assistants and cooks across the UK with help and advice whenever times get tough. Whether it’s physical illness or mental health issues, to financial difficulty, family problems or addiction, Hospitality Action helps get people back on their feet again. And when it’s no longer possible to work, they help prepare for what’s next in life.
The need to focus on the wellbeing of our hospitality industry has never been more important. If you believe in helping people who face setbacks in our industry, hit the heart on their Instagram post on our page to give Hospitality Action the chance of receiving our donation.


2. The Real Junk Food Project

The Real Junk Food Project is an organisation that uses food that would otherwise have been discarded from supermarkets, restaurants, and other independent food suppliers to produce meals that are sold on a pay as you feel basis in community cafes around the UK.

The first café was set up in Leeds in 2013 by founders Adam and Johanna, and has since grown into an organic global network and inspired over 120 projects in seven countries. TRJFP has saved 5,000 tonnes of food, the equivalent of 11.9 million meals.
Around a third of food globally is wasted. That’s approximately 1.3 billion tonnes. Hundreds of thousands of people in the UK are living in poverty. The Real Junk Food Project believes everyone should have access to enough food to sustain them and provides the network to empower people in their community to make a difference. And for that we applaud them.

We love what the charity is doing to bring communities together, bonding people through healthy food which would otherwise go to waste. A donation to The Real Junk Food Project would dually ensure that more people in the UK don’t go hungry, and that tonnes of food don’t go to waste. Vote with a like, comment or share on their post.


3. Adopt a School

Adopt a School is a national charity that was founded in 1990, with a vision that every child learns about food in a holistic sense and has the confidence to eat well, be healthy and happy. The Adopt a School programme helps children to develop healthy eating habits and encourages an enthusiasm and interest in food, cooking, food provenance and sustainability, as well as giving an insight into the hospitality industry.

What makes the Adopt a School programme so unique is that professional chefs and highly trained hospitality professionals deliver the high-quality food education programme in primary schools across the country. Not only are these professionals able to impart their knowledge and extensive experience, they ignite children’s enthusiasm and interest in food and the hospitality industry.
We strongly believe that chefs have the power to develop children’s knowledge and skills to cook, choose and eat healthy, tasty, sustainable food. If you’re passionate about this too, give them a vote with the like button on their Instagram post.


4. Springboard UK

The Springboard Charity helps young people achieve their potential and nurtures unemployed people of any age into work within the hospitality industry.
Springboard’s work encourages, motivates, builds confidence, develops the skills required and mentors the charity’s beneficiaries, often disadvantaged and underprivileged people, to succeed in a career within hospitality, and as such, alleviate poverty. By making a contribution to the vital work of this Charity, you will directly help young people safeguard their future employment and give back to an industry that provides enjoyment to so many.
We believe the industry is an amazing place to be, a great place to work and provides exceptional and wide-ranging careers. If you agree, show Springboard UK’s Instagram post on our page some love!

Our Instagram campaign will allow until the end of December 2019 for people to cast their votes on the four different causes. You can support with a like, comment or share, and the cause with the most support will receive the £1,000 donation from Chef Works in January 2020.

Keep an eye on our Instagram for more!

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