Diego Ferrari

Chef/Owner Diego Ferrari

209 Westbourne Park Rd, Notting Hill, London, UK
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Nestled in lovely Notting Hill, London sits the beautiful contemporary restaurant Caractère conceived by two talented and passionate Chefs. Chef Emily Roux was born in to a gastronomic dynasty that needs no introduction. Working in restaurants since the tender age of 14, Chef Diego later classically trained in France guided by Alain Ducasse and was Head Chef at Le Gavroche prior to them opening of Caractère. We are delighted to welcome Chef Diego Ferrari as this months’ Chef of Chef Works…

Chef Diego in his Madrid Premium coat with Denver Cross-back bib apron.

1. Your restaurant/role:
Head Chef and owner at Caractère.
2. Describe your kitchen:
Efficient, dynamic and cosy! only 8 people in the kitchen.
3. Favourite Chef Works item and why?
Denver Cross-back Bib Apron, it’s comfy, got loads of pockets and looks amazing and the Madrid Premium Chef Coat.
4. First job:
At a local ‘ristorante’ just outside of Milan.
5. Favourite cookbook:
The Flavour Thesaurus by Niki Segnit.

Ricotta Stuffed Pappardella, Lemon zest, Trout and Herring roe, Sturgeon Bottarga.

6. Your awards:
Voted Best Newcomer 2019 at the Harden’s Restaurant Awards.
7. Your cooking inspiration:
Family, friends and trips abroad.
8. Your speciality dish:
Celeriac ‘Cacio e Pepe’ – long strands of celeriac with a rich and velvety sauce of Pecorino Romano and Parmigiana Reggiano, topped with a few drops of 25 years of age balsamic vinegar and crushed black peppercorns.
9. Favourite dish to eat:
Roast Veal with potatoes and Brussel sprouts.
10. Weirdest thing you ever ate:
Beef testicles.
11. Favourite ice cream flavour:

Dry-aged Duck, stuffed Red Onion, Salsify, Hazelnut and red wine jus.

12. Favourite drink:
Vintage Champagne.
13. Favourite wine:
A Barolo.
14. Who would you most like to cook for?
My Wife, Emily Roux.
15. And who would you least like to cook for?
Homer Simpson!
16. Favourite things to do when not cooking:
Discovering new restaurants and sports.

Bergamot and Lemon Tartelette, Hazelnut Praline and Preserved Lemon.

17. Your latest project:
Expanding our cellar at the restaurant.
18. Favourite city?
NYC for the eclectic food scene.
19. Your greatest indulgence?
Sweets in general as I have a massive sweet tooth.
20. And finally, your all-time best culinary tip?
Don’t over-complicate.

With Chef Emily Roux at the entrance to Caractère.

Jason Russell.
Food photography:
Jodi Hinds.
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