Chef Miguel Alves

Dongguan, China

Name: Chef Miguel Alves Age: 40 Nationality: Portuguese Country of Residence: China
1. Your Restaurant/Business:
Pizzeria Calzone, self-owned modern Italian group in mainland China – the first foreign-owned and operated western restaurant in Dongguan City dating back to 2003.
2. About Your Kitchen:
Modern Italian cuisine with a twist!
3. Your Favorite Chef Works Item:
Positano Signatures Series Executive Chef Jacket
4. First Job:
Casa Mocca Coffee wholesaler – grinding, weighing and packing coffee beans from all over the world at age 15
5. Your Favorite Cookbook:
Many Chefs simply don’t use cookbooks. I’m one of them.
6. Your Awards:
I have few and they’re all in our restaurants to share with our staff, guests and friends. The most touching one was being the first Portuguese Chef representing China abroad in an International Food Competition in New York City, USA at the World Pizza Championship.
7. Your Cooking Inspiration:
The satisfaction on our guests faces, the daily motivation of our dedicated staff and the praise from our family, friends and customers when you’re out and about.
8. Your Speciality Dish:
Trio di Risotto: Red Wine Salsiccia Risotto, Saffron & Salmon Risotto and Red Pesto Risotto
9. Favorite Dish To Eat:
Veal Tornedó Wellington sided with smoked dutch potatoes on a spinach nest served with a Bourbon espuma
10. Weirdest Thing You Ever Ate:
Dog & Tofu Stew, seriously, don’t try it. I lost a bet!
11. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:
Champagne Sorbet with fresh mint leaves served in a Margarita glass. How simple is that?
12. Favorite Drink:
Jack Daniels & Coke
13. Favorite Wine:
Villa Antinori White 2008. My favourite the past 4 years!
14. Who Would You Most Like To Cook For:
Definitely would be for celebrity Chef Gordon James Ramsay, challenging and tempting!
15. Who Would You Least Like To Cook For:
Surely not for Mr. Donald Trump. No, I’m not getting fired, Mr. Trump!
16. Favorite Things To Do When Not Cooking:
Weekdays: Dining with customers and friends. Sundays: With my wife and daughters.

17. Your Latest Project:
I’ve been planning and designing an Antipasto & Wine Bar. Now is the right time to do it.
18. Favorite City and Why:
Macau – it’s half Portuguese, half Chinese. Lacking in good restaurants, there are good F&B business opportunities.
19. Your Greatest Indulgence:
Meeting my daughter after 18 years was one of the best things that happened in my life lately.
20. Your All Time Best Culinary Tip:
If you won’t eat it, don’t serve it!

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