Chef Lovejoy Cole – USA

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Name: Chef Lovejoy Cole Age: 45 Nationality: American Country of Residence: USA
1. Your Restaurant/Business:
The Dancing Chef LLC. Celebrity Private Chef, Consultant and Caterer – Los Angeles, California, USA
2. About Your Kitchen:
Very organized and clean with positive energy flowing and Hip Hop music playing. We use the freshest ingredients I can find catering to some of the best mansions in Los Angeles.
3. Your Favorite Chef Works Item:
My Bastille Basic Black Chef Coat – it’s durable, comfortable and keeps the heat off my arms.
4. First Job:
At 14 I was Dishwasher at The Silver Grill inside Higbees Dept. Store, Downtown Cleveland, Ohio circa. 1984
5. Your Favorite Cookbook:
Cook, Eat, Dance: A colloboration of food and music (publisher and illustrators needed!)
6. Your Awards:
Mostly community service awards for helping the homeless and hungry.
7. Your Cooking Inspiration:
My mother was my cooking inspiration. The way she came up with meals everyday in our low income household always fascinated me – I thought we were rich growing up!
8. Your Speciality Dish:
Sweet Potato, Blue Tortilla, and Pistachio Crusted Alantic Salmon w/ Creamy Black Truffle & a Saffron Sauce
9. Favorite Dish To Eat:
A well executed Turkey Burger! I like to see a creative twist on simple food.
10. Weirdest Thing You Ever Ate:
Deep fried monkey brains! Tasted just like fried chicken.
11. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:
French Vanilla White Cheddar
12. Favorite Drink:
Tequila Sangria Blanco (made by me)
13. Favorite Wine:
Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio 2004
14. Who Would You Most Like To Cook For:
President Barack Obama. I’ve always wanted to cook for a president, it would be the highlight of my life. I would make an incredible Chili dish which is supposed to be his favorite.
15. Who Would You Least Like To Cook For:
Chef Gordon Ramsey, because my style is so eclectic and far from the culinary school blueprint I think his judgement of some of my techniques would bring us to throw blows.
16. Favorite Things To Do When Not Cooking:
Catching up on some TV shows, video games and working out to keep the ‘Chef Weight’ down.

17. Your Latest Project:
Working to raise money to feed every homeless person in Los Angeles and provide them with portable showers, so they can stay clean.
18. Favorite City and Why:
Sydney, Austrailia because the people there are so freakishly nice to the point it feels like you’re being punked! The hospitality the Aussies express is just unmatched by any other country, at least that’s been my experience.
19. Your Greatest Indulgence:
Life is my greatest Indulgence I engulf myself in it everyday!
20. Your All Time Best Culinary Tip:
Have fun, enjoy your passion and don’t take this occupation too seriously. God created food not a Chef.

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