Chef Josue Rodriguez – Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico

Name: Chef Josue Rodriguez Age: 34 Nationality: Mexican Country of Residence: Mexico
1. Your Restaurant/Business:
Hotel Live Aqua in Mexico City, Mexico.
2. About Your Kitchen:
Contemporary Mexican cuisine and banquets
3. Your Favorite Chef Works Item:
Everything because it is up-to-date, innovative and very good quality.
4. First Job:
In restaurants of traditional Mexican cuisine and Tezka fine cuisine.
5. Your Favorite Cookbook:
I do not have my own, but I participated in the Larousse of Mexican cuisine with Chef Richard Sandoval.
6. Your Awards:
The Unicable Gourmet Prize, The Aztec Cup, My Mexican Cuisine Award, Young Mexican Chef of the Year
7. Your Cooking Inspiration:
My country, my roots, colours, aromas, textures, life and family
8. Your Speciality Dish:
Mexican, Asian, Fusion, Basque, French cuisine
9. Favorite Dish To Eat:
Pozole Verde – a traditional chicken based Mexican stew, or a good cut of meat.
10. Weirdest Thing You Ever Ate:
A tarantula, and I think most of the dish was insects!
11. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:
I have four! Chocolate, Coffee, Eggnog and Chai.
12. Favorite Drink:
Piña Colada or a Margarita with Mezcal. Also a good red or white wine is a must!
13. Favorite Wine:
Mexica, Spanish and French wines
14. Who Would You Most Like To Cook For:
For my family and friends or someone on an important occasion.
15. Who Would You Least Like To Cook For:
To tell the truth there is no one I can think of, I like surprising people.
16. Favorite Things To Do When Not Cooking:
Music is another important part of my world for me.

17. Your Latest Project:
Creating my future restaurant – the design, the concept and the kitchen.
18. Favorite City and Why:
Mexico City, because this is where the people that I love most are, including my dog, Bosh.
19. Your Greatest Indulgence:
To ensure that the cooks who work with me have the same, if not better opportunities as those I experienced through my career.
20. Your All Time Best Culinary Tip:
To be very careful when cooking with a lot of oil. More about Chef Jose: At present Chef Josue Rodriguez works for the Posadas Group as a Director and Executive Manager, training cooks who have a vocation for the profession, and sending them to other countries to continue to grow professionally. He is currently the Regional Corporate Head for Mexico of Richard Sandoval Restaurants. Throughout his career he has worked with internationally renowned chefs like Chef Jean Mari Arzak, Mikel Alonso, Bruno Oteiza, Vicente Echegaray, Domingo Rasquín, Frederick Lejars, Olivier Le Calvez, amongst others. He has worked in restaurants like Tezka, the restaurant of Chef Arzak in San Sebastián; Bakea Restaurant, Fiesta Americana, Moon Palace Cancún, China Grill restaurant, Camino Real México, etc. He currently works in the “Modern Mexican” chain which forms part of the Vatel Club and the Culinary Academy of France.

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