Chef of Chef Works: Brandon McGlamery

Cutting his chops working at legendary culinary establishments such as Delfina in San Francisco, The French Laundry in Napa Valley, and Chez Panisse in Berkeley, Executive Chef Brandon McGlamery brings an ethos of sustainability and a locavore cooking style to his role at Orlando’s Park Lights Hospitality. And with nods from Wine Spectator, Food & Wine Magazine, and Open Table, this top chef is at the top of his game, overseeing three distinct concepts that are helping to push Florida’s culinary reputation forward, one dish at a time.

As our July Chef of Chef Works, we caught up with this superstar chef to chat about his new restaurants, where to eat in Winter Park, and his one summer BBQ must-have.

 1. Describe each of your restaurants in one word.

Luma on Park: Progressive American

Prato: Italian

Luke’s Kitchen + Bar: Wood-Fired Seafood

2. How has your experiences cooking in Northern California at the legendary The French Laundry, Chez Panisse, and Delfina shaped your culinary ethos?

One of the biggest things I’ve taken from TFL (The French Laundry) and other restaurants, is the quality of ingredients. No matter your talent level, if you do not have quality ingredients, sourced from passionate people, it’s hard to put a perfect dish on the table. Whether you’re sourcing locally or taking the time to forage your own ingredients, you must take the time to source and respect the ingredients you choose to use.

3. Describe a perfect day eating out in Winter Park, Florida.

The city of Orlando has several different culinary pockets, and it’s good to call Winter Park home. More and more talented, award winning chef’s our coming into our city and our local talent is staying put to make their mark. Planning out the perfect day in Winter Park is no easy feat, but if you are looking to visit all of our restaurants in one day – start with pasta, pizza and Italian wines at Prato, then make your way to Luke’s Kitchen & Bar for oysters and our craft cocktails, and end the day at Luma for dessert and after dinner wine. If the weather permits, take a seat on our patio – Park Avenue is great for people watching.

4. Best/worst thing about being a chef?

I can honestly say that there isn’t a worst case scenario for what we do. I am fortunate enough to be able to connect with people in such an intimate and personal experience. Not many professions get to have the satisfaction that we do at the end of service. It’s truly a gratifying experience, watching guests in our restaurants.

5. Summer BBQ must-have?

Carolina style ribs and tangy coleslaw are necessary for any BBQ feast.


Follow along on Chef Brandon’s adventures on Instagram, and check out his restaurants for some scrumptious food!

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